There is Only One Rule in English, There are No Rules ! 

There is only one Rule in English, there are no rules!!

This is what I usually tell my students when we come to complex skills or exceptions to the general rules found in English.  It makes for funny situations and also reduces the stress of getting it right.  English is so complicated and diverse. It is ever moving and changing based on how the language had evolved and moved around the world, especially through economics and political powers. 

Jolene Clayton

Educational Consultant/ ESL

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As a teacher, I have been passionate in helping and motivating students while teaching around the world and back . I love bringing a combination of 25 years of teaching ESL in places like Korea, Mexico, Colombia, Canada and Ireland while implementing unique methods to facilitate transformations for those who seek to advance their language skills.  Learning is a journey and I love being on it with you. 

 I created Positive ESL Workshop to bring what I have learned in my own journey and teaching experience while also learning from my fellow teachers and students. 

Over the next year I will be adding comprehensive courses, workshops, a podcast, and worksheets.  I am looking forward to joining you in your English language journey and seeing where we can go together! 





8 Week Intensive Workshop (TBA)

I have put my passion into an 8 week intensive Workshop focusing on pushing your language skills to the next level. Whether you have learned English through formal courses or picking it up while living in an English speaking country, this course focuses on both higher level grammar and word building skills to jump your language to allow you to express yourself better (informally and formally).

Phrasal Verb Bootcamp.

Phrasal Verbs are interesting and fun to learn and the more you know and understand the closer to speaking like a native speaker you become.  Through this 9 lesson bootcamp, we go through the parts of phrasal verbs, their meanings, how to create nouns and adjectives from phrasal verbs and theme based vocabulary.

By the end you will have increased your vocabulary in phrasal verbs and how to use them in everyday speech.  

Coming Soon

Positive ESL Podcast. 

Alessandra BAtalha


Jolene is a hard-working, creative teacher that brings a lot to any table. Jolene has done a wonderful work and She was the best teacher I ever had. I Highly recommend to all others, and I see Jolene to be a great teacher.

Maria Azevedo

Financial Advisor

I had Jolene as my English teacher for over a year, she is a great professional and person. She has a Very strong work ethic and is an amazing teacher. She helped me so much improving my English skills!

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